About Us

Beautifully made coffee is a pleasure we should all appreciate at least once in our day, especially while enjoying events and functions.
Served from our purpose restored 1976 Kombi, we strive to provide you with an experience that will enhance your journey.  The care we show comes from years of training and experience in the pursuit of excellence as a Battista in several countries around the world.

Volks Coffee believes in the importance of consistency and the use of high quality product.  We care that our customers receive a beautifully made coffee, chai or hot chocolate.

Our specialty coffee is roasted with respect and consideration by one of Melbourne’s most respected coffee hustlers, Disciple Roasters.  Disciple coffee hustlers follow the seasons and work closely with coffee producers through direct relationships to bring the best possible product to the customer.  In turn, we honour their intent with every cup we produce.

We look forward to being able to efficiently serve our great coffee at an event or function near you and trust your experience of our lovingly made coffee will linger.